What is Software Prototyping And Why It is Essential?

A prototype in software development is a simulation of how a real product will work and feel. It’s used for design feedback and user testing. Software prototype models can also be used for evaluating any last-minute Software Requirement Specifications changes. 

Why is prototyping important?

Prototyping will, most likely, make the development process longer. At least at the beginning. However, the initial time you spend on this task can actually save you more time and money later on. Let’s have a closer look at other benefits of prototyping:

Types of Software Prototyping

There are many prototyping software nowadays depending on your needs, you could develop a prototype through the different phases below, or just focus on one phase to communicate your ideas.


Rapid prototyping is the most commonly used. It may pass through various feedback, revision, and assessment cycles during this phase. This program aids in the testing of ideas and the rapid response to customer needs. Rapid prototyping is also known as “throwaway prototyping” because the prototype is expected to be relevant only in the short term, such as one sprint in the Agile development framework.


Prototypes developed here are progressively improved based on client feedback until final approval. This will save time and work. This is because developing a prototype from scratch for every interaction in the process can sometimes be frustrating. This model is helpful for a project which uses a new technology that is not well understood. It is helpful when the requirement is not stable or not understood clearly at the initial stage.


In Incremental Prototyping, The product can be developed quicker as different teams or coders can work on its different features simultaneously. The risk with incremental programming is the look and feel can vary so much among the prototypes that the modules feel like completely different pieces of software.

Software prototyping lays a foundation for a mobile application project. The concept is solidified and a quick idea of the app functionality is displayed. Not only that, prototyping reduces time consumption, and financial costs and improves the overall build quality no matter what prototyping method we use.

At Thinkalize Global, we have a dedicated software dev team that prototypes the application from wireframes to live-data prototypes. If you need any sort of help reaches us now!