Staying Creative While Remote Working

Due to COVID most of the work has shifted to remote places. Although remote work has its own advantages like flexibility companies have complained that innovation has been compromised. Innovation requires teamwork and cooperation which are limited by remote work. However, you can outsource without compromising innovation with the following suggestions curated by creativity experts

Have an HR to monitor daily output

Every remote employee must report to HR about his daily progress. Later on, this data helps in the analysis of employee performance. The virtual assistants in return take responsibility and perform consistently if not better, hence increasing innovation. Outsourcing companies like Thinkalize Global have their own HR for added convenience.

Have a diverse outsourced workforce

Research has proven that diverse teams have exhibited 6 times more agility and creativity. This is one of the most important factors that determine innovation. Different cultures bring their own viewpoints and ideas. There is also a competitive working environment in a multi-cultural team. This leads to an increase in levels of innovation and financial output. And diversity is what makes Thinkalize Global special.

Prioritize creative people during recruitment

When hiring a remote virtual assistant, look for the ones who are driven by creativity. There are many qualities to consider when seeking an innovative remote worker. The notable qualities are the prioritization of quality over quantity, being talkative, disciplined, adaptable (accepting different cultures), and passionate. This way remote work will allow you to recruit top talent. If you are still facing difficulty in recruitment, you can reach outsourcing experts like Thinkalize Global who have already gone through this process.

Set a productivity hour

Schedule a meeting with your virtual assistants for 1 hour. One may call it an innovation hour as well. During this, the outsourced team can relax and do discussions which are critical for innovation. Creativity comes from spontaneous meetings, from random discussions. You run into someone, you ask what they doing, you say and soon you cooking up all sorts of ideas. Steve Jobs. Digital meetings also bridge the communication gaps created by remote working. Utilize video chat applications such Zoom, virtual whiteboards like Miro, and project management tools like Discord to stay connected.

Compare your work against top-rated companies

Thinking out of the box also requires knowing your competition. The competitors help us set the benchmark for our projects. Their working methods, core values, motives, and portfolio fuel your creative thinking so that you can come up with something remarkable.

Experiment for something new

Experimentation lies at the heart of innovation. Lastly, educate experiment to innovate. Firstly brainstorming and then testing ideas is what they call experimentation. Build a culture of small experimentation which involves low risks.

We hope these tips will be handy in keeping your remote team creative. However, Thinkalize Global is here to help if you are in dire need of a creative self-driven remote team that has all the qualities you need.