Outsourcing 201: On Managing Outsourced Remote Teams

Do you have considerable one-time tasks but recruiting more full-time employees is not an option? If so then externalizing your work is the best bet. But there is a catch. Managing outsourced offshore teams at different locations is different as compared to managing in-house teams. We come across problems like communication gaps, clashes of time zones, and cultures. To deal with these challenges effectively, we have assorted these smart tips for successful digital business outsourcing.

Hire Positive & Self-Driven People

The first failproof tip, employ people who can manage themselves. Since you need the right people for your business and teamwork is critical to a booming business. You can assess a company with small projects before handing over a big one. A workaround for this step of hiring is to approach outsourcing experts like Thinkalize Global who have already recruited the right individuals with the right mindset.

Concentrate on output, not hard work

Smart work is what matters and it certainly pays off while outsourcing digital tasks. Consequently, time spent shouldn’t be considered. And to track the amount of work being done by your outsourced team, have daily follow-ups and divide tasks into chunks instead of setting big goals.

Communicate as much as possible

Stay engaged with your offshore remote team with emails, messages, and voice notes. In fact, have daily face-to-face interactions. Furthermore, conversate to build a non-work relationship. These connections matter to the employees so they do not feel left out.

Don't Manage, Mentor Instead

Ideal project managers mentor more than manage. This coaching and tutoring encourages team development, hence promoting leadership within the unit. Online coaching websites like Lynda, Skillshare, and Pluralsight are low-priced and provide premium courses taught by industry professionals. Giving your remote teams access to such services is necessary for a learning environment.

Select A Project Management App

Mere chatting tools like WhatsApp & Skype are unprofessional for office usage. Project Management software like slack is multipurpose swiss-knives. They have a knowledge base, easy-to-navigate interface, 3rd party app integration, file sharing in different formats and sizes, better message filtering, and separate workplaces for different departments.

Be Aware of Cultural Norms

You may offend someone without knowing. So have a know-how of your outsourced team’s culture. This also helps in mutually connect with them.

Award Top-Performers With Perks

Mention employees (doing extra-effort) and their remarkable work during meetings and discussions. Also reward them with bonuses. This recognition is essential to a healthy offshore working environment.

Give Future-Focused Feedback

To ensure that your outsourced digital business runs properly critique your outsourced staff. Reviewing your virtual assistant’s performance ensures the benchmarks set are met and the remote workers stay on track this way.

Other Digital Outsourcing Essentials
Everything has its downsides. To deal with the cons of offshoring above were the main tips but there are other helpful remote team management secrets as well. Inform your virtual assistants about your mission statement, work on their skills, prioritize their mental health and use automation apps like GitHub for cross-platform syncing and backup of your work.

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