Outsourcing 101: The Beginner’s Guide

To handle several digital business tasks at once is tedious, especially when multitasking is not advised by science. You sometimes lack skills, have less time & budget to meet the digital product deadlines. But do not worry, this mounting online business workload pressure can easily be dealt with by outsourcing. Everything can’t be done by yourself and this is inefficient. Also, automation (i.e., the usage of software to enhance your productivity) can only be done up to a certain extent. At one point you need to hire remotely working employees. If you look for *skilled labor online* this offshoring can change the trajectory of your digital business’s growth graph. Hire freelancers or hire a remote outsourcing team? It’s a question that you may have raised. A digital business management team, like Thinkalize Global, has an all-in-one solution for your digital tasks whereas on the other hand the experience can be scattered.


So how does outsourcing your online business 5x your daily output? Offshore outsourcing lowers operational costs due to low-cost and flexible labor. Besides, the budget is predictable which is especially helpful for small businesses. You gain access to new tools from your outsourcing partners which maximize automation. Hence, every successful entrepreneur realizes the importance of outsourcing digital business. The wide range of digital tasks that can be handed over to offshore VA includes—digital marketing, app development, content writing, SEO, website development, graphic designing, and video editing among others.


Hold on! There are many factors that need to be considered before outsourcing. Firstly, have a clear mindset about your tasks. Your tasks should be precise instead of being broadly termed. Give your outsourcing partner the complete task list (or you may say a roadmap) and for that purpose, you will need to do your homework beforehand. Secondly, do not have high expectations. You will not get the same quality of work as in your region but the digital products would be competent. Getting the same level of digital work would require extra effort on your behalf and your outsourcing partner’s behalf. Overviewing the portfolio of your virtual assistant will also not leave you disappointed later on. Additionally, go for a project-based payment system instead of an hourly-based plan since delays may happen and this will save you money. If the virtual team does not work for you then do not hesitate to move on. Thirdly, support your digital business manager as much as possible by giving him project briefs, previous samples and examples, references, and a complete checklist. Use online collaborating software like *Trello, Slack*, etc. to stay organized and keep your milestones updated. Even sending your outsourcing manager tutorials and notes will help since learning is a journey that never ends. If you consider these points and most of them are checked then hiring a virtual assistant is recommended to boost virtual business productivity.


The one-man army exists merely in fiction. And ideal teamwork can be achieved by outsourcing. By outsourcing your digital medium tasks to companies like Thinkalize Global you get the most output with the least investment in this Modern Age. Whether you are a startup or a large business, virtual outsourcing is a resource that you can count on in this highly completive market. Outsource anything you can imagine to the right company that is Thinkalize Global and uplift your business with tailored packages.