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Key Features Of Popular Websites

Ever wondered what makes a website stand out from the rest ? A website is the cornerstone of your online presence, it communicates all that you are to your audience.    For a business, be it of any scale, having a website is essential. Here are some features which can make a good website better.


Visitors to a website are searching for answers, a way to retain and convert them is to provide quality and updated content.The text of a website,videos, images and infographics, must provide useful and relevant information. New content and articles regularly posted to a blog is also a good practice. The purpose of the website too should be clear to the visitor, leading them to perform an action. A well placed Call To Action further strengthens a website by leading a visitor to become a customer.


An easy to use website can retain visitors, as they can easily find what they’re looking for. but being attractive doesn’t mean being flashy, a simple and functional design is more likely to attract visitors than a website with unnecessary design elements. The UX of a simple minimalistic site can go a long way.Site speed too impacts the user experience and a slow load time leads to an increase in bounce rate. Having a good hosting service does make a difference.


A good navigation improves the chances of visitors going through the site to find what they’re looking for. Using a well defined primary and dropdown menu is effective. For the navigation to be readable , the content of a site must be well structured. With websites getting about 50% traffic from mobile phones, a mobile optimized UI ensures a good visitor experience.


Now that you have a brand in mind,well defined goals and a plan to reach them, it is now time to set out on your campaign. Remember to have a content rich campaign plan which provides your audience with content relevant and beneficial to them.


A Website following the latest trends of search engine optimization leads to a higher ranking and attracts more traffic, thus following the best practices of SEO are crucial. The security of a site affects its traffic and plays a role in the ranking of the website as well. So using an SSL certificate is a good idea as being secure leads to forming a better impression.

Whether you’re a business or a brand, having a website is crucial to your image,and keep in mind delegating a task is a really good idea. The cost of outsourcing your website development and design is way less than having an inhouse team to work on your site and more reliable than hiring a freelancer. So if you ever get stuck, remember we’re here for you. With our panel of experts, we at Thinkalize offer the best website design development services with quality maintenance and technical support. If you ever needs us, you know where to find us

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