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HR Management in the Post-Covid Era

With the pandemic now on the decline, many companies are now looking to rejuvenate some of their workforce. While competing with the giants of the industry is always a challenge, many small and medium sized players in the business have a positive chance of improving their odds by incorporating some innovative strategies large scale companies have already implemented. 

A Flexible Workspace

With the new normal now “The Normal”, company workspace will have to be more dynamic and flexible to accomodate a more group oriented approach as well as to aid the remote workforce which according to studies will make up more than 25 + % of the post Covid workforce. This will also reduce the real estate cost and other  on site resources.

Productive Team

The Z theory of management, albeit present since the early 80’s is most relevant in the current era of Covid recovery. With competition skyrocketing and the threshold of technology reached, new recruits will have to multitask as well as be more adaptive to juggling many dimensions of a project. Hiring someone versatile is more helpful; they always bring more to the table. Imagine if Benny from Business Development is also good at running diagnostic models for your firm’s Business Analysis.   

Employee Satisfaction

The term Employee Satisfaction in the pre-pandemic world meant the care and investment a company made in their employees’ betterment,in the present scenario this is not the case. Employee Satisfaction now must be synonymous with a positive experience, a functional and fruitful approach of goal fulfillment and above all it must always one hundred percent stand for “JOB SECURITY”

In short, maintaining an active work force and keeping them engaged is a challenge. With most startups now engaging in their core task and delegating HR to more specialized firms, it is always more lucrative and financially sound to outsource. Thats where Thinaklize Global comes in, we not only take the cumbersome routine of holding and maintaining staff off you but also facilitate your dream project with an utmost professional attitude. Having served more than 35 + firms and completed 137 projects successfully, Thinkalize Global is still the NO. 1 preference for businesses across the globe.

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