How to Create a Healthy Outsourced Workplace?

Do you want loyal and talented outsourced workers? Is absenteeism becoming a major concern for your remote workplace? If these employee-related issues are addressed then this leads to more performance. But all these factors are linked with a healthy work environment. A team of outsourced workers can make or break your project. These virtual assistants can only shine if the organization gives them the proper conditions to work in. Thinkalize Global, being a leading and positive outsourcing services provider, has curated the ways to establish a healthy environment in your digital enterprise:

Avoid clash between job and family obligations

A conflict between office and family demands has negative implications. Minimize work-family conflicts to stay focused on your consultation tasks. Have an adaptive workplace to enable your workers to spend more time with their family members. Additionally, outsource small projects and opt for remote working if possible to fulfill family obligations more. Finally, disconnect from work completely after reaching home to keep a balance between work and family life.

Have team building recreational activities

It is a fact that happy workers are four times more likely to continue their jobs versus unhappy virtual assistants. To create an immersive and enjoyable work environment for your digital business, stimulating and fun recreational activities should be conducted often. These recreations spur retention, motivation, and commitment in the outsourcing team. The bonding among the team also increases due to social interaction.

Offer Health Insurance for healthier employees

Insuring your remote outsourced team’s health reduces absenteeism as they get better with pre and post-hospital treatments. This builds trust and establishes a long-term relationship with your outsourcing experts. A healthier VA is more attentive and productive too.

Prohibit Overtime & Working at Weekends

Even though overtime deals with common bottlenecks in the digital outsourcing industry such as meeting deadlines, it has more downsides especially when it comes to mental health. Doing overtime is a part of the work-hard culture but the matter of fact is that it reduces rest periods, surges stress hormones, and leads to a variety of health ailments.

Benefit from Indoor Plants

Make your workplace look more attractive with mother nature’s finest beautiful indoor plants especially succulents. Furthermore, you get cleaner air as indoor plants also combat air pollutants. This research is also backed by NASA which recommends 29 species of air purifying indoor plants. Bring nature indoors by exposing outsourced virtual assistants to natural light whose aura has an array of health advantages.

Leverage the newest technology to Level up workplace ergonomics

Good ergonomics make sitting more comfortable for long hours while maintaining proper body posture. A pain-free day is only possible with office chairs having lumbar back support. The biomechanics of ergonomic equipment counter several types of sprains especially back and neck strains. Ultimately, the virtual consultants will feel less fatigued and more productive with ergonomic upgrades. Also, make sure the working environment is clean to meet hygiene standards.

In a nutshell, a healthy and positive workspace will attract top talent and will get the most out of your staff.