8 Ways to Reset Remote-Work Burnout

When does going to work start becoming painful? When you compromise your sleep due to workload and can not get enough time for things that help you rewind. This is where your virtual assistants are facing work burnout. The remote workers start to miss life by losing their selves. This stress can be reduced by a mile with the following tips:

1. Minimizing work hours minimizes burnout

Limit the work time of your virtual assistants to 8 which are concentrated in the morning. This sums up to 40 hours per week. The longer the working hours the more will be the employee work fatigue, it is that simple. Also, give flexibility to employees in terms of working hours because everybody does not work at their best early in the morning. Employees should be given permission to take a paid day off when sick and certain vacations should also be allotted.

2. Take more Breaks with Pomodoro Timer

Most of the creativity happens outside of office hours and creativity is key to outstanding results. But during those break times get your mind off work totally. Do something else other than your daily tasks. These rest times avoid the build-up of work fatigue. This break culture should be prioritized since little time taken off never goes in vain.

3. Outsource tasks to leading companies like Thinkalize Global

In startups, the initial phase of development can be stressful so outsourcing your tasks to reliable digital industry experts such as Thinkalize Global is a safe bet. We can ease your journey of becoming a successful digital business company by cutting your hiring, maintenance, and infrastructure costs along with other numerous benefits.

4. Incorporate A Rewards System For Motivation

Bonuses can be set for your outsourced remote team to further reduce burnout. For instance, a reasonable amount can be paid if the VAs finish their tasks earlier than the deadline or if they perform extraordinarily. These perks are really motivating and get your outsourced team going.

5. Do not work on Weekends to avoid mixing work & life

Sealing your weekly work before the end of the week is important to avoid office load and working at the weekend. If you have to finish the digital tasks on Saturday or Sunday then take a day off at another time as skipping the rest time causes mental and physical fatigue, hence resulting in job burnout.

6. Exercise every day with a remote workout plan

One of the most effective things against remote work fatigue is resistance and cardio training. Exercise has been evidenced by science as a super habit which means it has multiple advantages. From a good mood to a better physique, exercise helps with remote work burnout. Exercise relieves emotional fatigue and stress, gives a sense of personal satisfaction which both result in a happier consultation outsourced team.

7. Good Food Equals Good Mood.

Eating well makes us feel better. Food also provides nourishment and energy to keep our bodies going. Certain fiber-packed carbohydrate food like oatmeal and wholegrain bread are also recommended for mental and physical work fatigue. Caffeine consumption through tea and coffee also relieves burnout of your remote virtual assistants.

8. Create a healthy work environment

A positive office environment is essential to distance yourself from burnout. Characteristics of quality working spaces are natural light, hygienic working conditions, industry-standard equipment, meeting rooms, and indoor plants. Since Thinkalize Global checks all these conditions and has a skilled team with years of experience, our company meets the outsourcing industry standards and has one of the healthiest working environments.

Burnout is common with remote outsourced teams but addressing it is critical since it can lead to failure of projects. Happy employees make a positive team that has a fun environment. This positive team can tackle any kind of project no matter how complicated it is.