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3 Useful Tips For Virtual Video Production: Enliven Your Virtual Events.

With the pandemic raging, many people have chosen to switch to live virtual events which lets them  engage an audience in a safer way. But the fact is that Virtual events too need some time to evolve into a perfect process. Here’s Thinkalize Global with some interesting tips to make your virtual events come to life by creating a spark in the attendants and making your conference more impactful.


A good approach is to make your virtual event into a production, paying special attention to design the event as it were a production aimed at engaging the audience turns out to be most suited in retaining attendees and attracting future prospects. Keep in mind you don’t need to have a big budget, but need to make the attendees feel welcome and taken care of, to make them want to be there, to connect with them at a more personal level.


Another good practice is to create a community with your attendees, make sure you’re talking to people, not talking at them. A more human and organic interaction with the audience fosters a sense of community. Creating polls, having a frequent Q&A and using a lot of interaction and engagement can form a welcoming environment for people.


Always remember ‘CONTENT IS THE KING’, keep your content designed and structured. You can’t engage an audience with a long unidirectional speech. The content of your event must be interconnected and digestible, making the audience coming back for more. Also remember to repurpose the content beyond the event itself.  

Expanding the content beyond the event leads to an ongoing engagement. Also forming a series of different topics connected to the event which will be streamed later, helps get the message across to a larger audience at a later stage.

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